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Podcast: Building A Better Future For Real Estate – Featuring Jeffrey Kanne

July 22, 2022

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Jeffrey Kanne, President and CEO of National Real Estate Advisors and Co-Author of the white paper, “Climate Change is Generating a Tech Revolution,” discusses how technology developed to combat climate change will transform the built environment as well.

Climate change has become more immediate and dire than ever before, but as Albert Einstein once said, “in the middle of difficulty lies opportunity”.

What if all the work to decrease carbon and adapt to a changing climate creates a better built environment as well?

In this two-part podcast recorded 30 June 2022, Jeffrey Kanne, President and CEO of National Real Estate Advisors, sat down with AFIRE CEO and podcast host Gunnar Branson to talk about real estate’s new opportunities to come out of new climate tech. As Kanne says, it may be time for us “…to imagine a world magnificently transformed by the technologies that are created to fight climate change.”