Our Story

Building relationships and value through community

Since our founding in 2000, we’ve been on a mission to deliver solid, long-term returns on investment for our clients – hardworking people whose livelihoods and futures depend on us.

Through our honed, build-to-core strategy, we seek to transform communities through development and redevelopment projects in major U.S. cities – to make them more connected, sustainable, vibrant, and prosperous – by putting the skills and spirits of local people to work, creating modern, technologically advanced assets, and by providing a range of flexible financing solutions, such as preferred equity, mezzanine debt, senior debt, construction loans and credit enhancements. Our relationships with leading developers give us opportunities to play a role in some of the country’s most recognized projects, while also utilizing our development subsidiary’s expertise to develop projects of our own.

We take a patient, long-term investment view, choosing to develop and re-develop properties at various points in the real estate cycle to deliver quality construction – always striving to create value for clients and communities.

Loring Park
Minneapolis, MN
Property Type: Mixed Use

62 employees, including subsidiary, National Real Estate Development, LLC, with offices in Los Angeles and Philadelphia

Headquartered in Washington, D.C.

Investments: mixed-use, apartments, office, retail, industrial, hotels and data centers

Parent Company & Subsidiary

National Real Estate Advisors is an independently operated subsidiary.

National Real Estate Advisors’ development subsidiary with offices in Los Angeles and Philadelphia.

Company Timeline


NEBF forms investment team to invest in real estate projects for multi-billion dollar pension fund.


National Real Estate advisors is established as a subsidiary to manage real estate investments for pension funds and other institutional investors.


National establishes a commingled open-end vehicle for pension fund investors.


National formalizes its development activities and launches National Real Estate Development.


National’s commingled open-end fund grows to $3.1 billion net assets under management with 49 managed investments.