Our Mission and Culture

National's Mission Statement

Exceed Our Client’s Expectations.

Pursue Socially Responsible Investing, Sustainability and Improve the Communities in Which We Invest.

Provide a Challenging, Rewarding and Supportive Work Environment.


Delivering on that mission is enormously gratifying – and a responsibility we take seriously. Its success is dependent upon a skilled, experienced team of professionals supported by a vibrant culture. That’s why as a company, we strive to create an environment that’s creative and collaborative, where professionals from different disciplines can solve problems together, learn from one another, and inspire each other. It’s why we communicate and act with integrity, doing the right thing by clients, partners, communities, and each other, always. It’s why we promote sustainable development and management practices – from LEED certification to philanthropy – to work toward greater results for investors, partners and employees, ensure more mindful, efficient use of resources, and healthier environments everywhere we invest, work, and live.

Ultimately, the work we do puts people to work in their communities, transforming them into more connected, vital, and prosperous neighborhoods, cities, and economies.

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