Data Centers

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In 2010, National invested in Sabey Data Center Properties. With a portfolio of nearly three million square feet of mission critical space, spanning six operating campuses,18 buildings, and land holdings, SDCP is one of the largest privately-owned multi-tenant data center owner/developer/operators in the United States.

SDCP specializes in scalable, custom-built solutions including data center ready shell space and fully turnkey data centers managed by SDCP’s award-winning critical environment staff.

2,810,385 Rentable SF, 2,936,687 Gross SF

Operating Campuses

Year Invested

72,387 kW built with 34,156 kW held or under construction (106,543 kW Total)

Sabey and National’s commitment to ESG

National is focused on building and maintaining sustainable data center facilities that are energy efficient and reduce impact on the environment. This commitment benefits the community and seeks to lead to the profitability of SDC.

SDC Seattle East

Tukwila, Washington

  • 6 Operating Buildings
  • No new development
  • 13,375 kW built with 4,220 kW held or under construction (17,595 kW Total)


SDC Seattle West

Tukwila, Washington

  • 3 Operating Buildings
  • No new development
  • Powered Shell Only

SDC Columbia

East Wenatchee, Washington

  • 3 Operating Buildings
  • Roughly 125 acres of vacant land for future data center development
  • 8,100 kW built with 7,200 kW held or under construction (15,300 kW Total

SDC Quinc

Quincy, Washington

  • 3 Operating Buildings
  • Nearly 675,000 SF of additional data center development (2 buildings) planned
  • 36,900 kW built

SDC Ashbur

Ashburn, Virginia

  • 2 Operating Buildings
  • 260,000 SF of additional data center development (1 building) planned
  • 10,312 kW built with 20,736 kW held or under construction (31,048 kW Total)


SDC Manhattan

New York City, New York

  • 1 Operating Building
  • No additional development
  • 3,700 kW built with 2,000 kW held or under construction (5,700 kW Total)


SDC North Texas

Oklaunion, Texas

  • 645 acres of land uniquely positioned near existing renewable energy and fiber
  • Future site of Sabey’s Net Positive Data Center concept


SDC Austin

Round Rock, Texas

  • 42 acres of land strategically located within one of Austin, Texas’ most significant tech corridors