Ms. Mullett is a member of National’s Management Committee, and has primary authority and responsibility for organizing, planning, leading, directing, controlling, and reporting on fiscal activities of the company with the objective of making every effort to continue to improve the company’s overall financial health.

Laurie collaborates with senior management to implement strategic goals in a manner that optimizes the company’s value for its clients and stakeholders and sets expectations to ensure that the company has adequate financial resources, while mitigating financial and operational risks.

With over 35 years of accounting experience in the real estate industry, Laurie joined the company in 2000, initially at NEBF Real Estate and subsequently National. Previously, Laurie served as Operations Controller at The WMF Group, Ltd., then one of the ten largest commercial mortgage banking operations in the United States, which became Prudential Mortgage Capital Company.

Prior to that, Laurie served as Senior Project Accountant at Western Development Corporation and as Assistant Controller of Simpson Development Company, Inc.

Ms. Mullett has a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from the University of Maryland.