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$271 Billion of Commercial Real Estate Reports on Sustainability Using Measurabl

September 22, 2016

$271 Billion or 21% of North American commercial real estate assets reporting to GRESB’s annual sustainability assessment used Measurabl for data management in 2016, making the real estate technology startup GRESB’s largest data contributor in North America. Globally, commercial real estate owners representing 10% of GRESB asset value use Measurabl for sustainability data management and reporting.

“Measurabl was one of GRESB’s first Data Partners, and we have appreciated their leadership in supporting both the quantitative and qualitative aspects of the assessment with their software”, says Chris Pyke, GRESB’s Chief Operating Officer. “Working with Measurabl clearly helps companies and funds gain insights into their ESG performance and meet investor demand for high quality data.”

GRESB, or the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark, administers an annual assessment of sustainability performance on behalf of institutional investors representing nearly $6 Trillion in capital. GRESB results – its scores and rankings – are a measure of real estate owners’ climate risk and potential returns, so are a factor in how investors allocate capital. Consequently, a good performance in GRESB’s rankings is coveted. In 2016, 67% of Measurabl users outperformed their GRESB peer group. 67% also earned a Green Star – GRESB’s recognition for exemplary performance.

“The scale we’ve achieved is exciting, but most important is our role in facilitating accurate and robust sustainability reporting”, says Measurabl CEO, Matt Ellis. “Stakeholders of all types, including investors, regulators, and consumers demand clarity and accountability around a company’s social and environmental impacts. We are making that easy, affordable, and accurate.” Measurabl collects and reports data on behalf of some of the world’s largest and most visible commercial real estate owners including Boston Properties, AvalonBay Communities, and Clarion Partners.

Maryellen Dolan, Director of Asset Management and Sustainability at National Real Estate Advisors, a two-time recipient of GRESB’s Green Star for outstanding performance, said: “Measurabl makes the reporting process much more efficient. The software ensured the quality and integrity of our report and helped navigate us through this year’s independent audit thanks to its meticulous data quality assurance process.”

Measurabl’s cloud-based software automatically collects and aggregates non-financial aka “sustainability” data and simplifies the reporting process to third party benchmarks like GRESB and CDP. The company was named the world’s top cleantech startup by the Global Cleantech Cluster Association in 2014 and has gone on to become one of the world’s fastest growing real estate technology companies as measured by rate of square footage subscribed to its software.

The company’s first commercial product went through extensive industry pilots in 2013 before commercial release in mid 2014. At the time, Measurabl had a footprint of 160 million square feet and aggregate real estate asset value of $23 billion. As of September 2016, that base has increased 12- and 9-fold respectively.

About Measurabl
Measurabl is sustainability solved. Our automatic data import technology and step-by-step workflows help companies collect sustainability data, benchmark performance, and discover opportunities to improve. Measurabl has become the global arbiter for investment grade sustainability data on commercial real estate and the clearinghouse for solutions to reduce climate impacts in the built environment. Learn more about Measurabl by emailing info(at)measurabl(dot)com or visiting