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William D. Lewis

Director, Investor Relations

Assisting with Investor and Consultant Relations, and with the development of various presentations, Mr. Lewis takes responsibility for coordinating standard investor reporting on a periodic basis. With substantial technical expertise, Mr. Lewis was in the forefront of National's initial investments in alternative property types such as data centers and electricity-intensive properties.

Prior to joining National, he served as Vice President of Greenfield Development for El Paso Merchant Energy (a division of the El Paso Corporation) as well as Manager of Business Development for Coastal Power, a division of the Coastal Corporation engaged in both green-field development and the acquisition of fossil-fired power generation projects in domestic and international markets. Mr. Lewis brings more than twenty years of diverse business development experience to National, including reorganizing automotive production facilities in Turkey, the design and manufacturing of off-shore fishing trawlers in China, and a successful tenure at International Business Machines Corporation (IBM).

Mr. Lewis obtained his Bachelor of Arts and Masters of Business Administration in Finance from the American University in Washington, D.C.